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Flexible Treeless Saddle Solutions for you and your horses.

Natural insect repellent for your horses.


Trekker Flexible (Treeless) Saddles and natural insect repellent product for horses

The quality, research and development that goes into the production of these products is reflected in the quality of the products. We have tsted and used these products onour own horses which is why we decided to make them avaiable to New Zealand! 

 Our Manufacturers

AB7 Industries - France

AB7 Industries is a French company leading the world in the manufacture of eco friendly products and polymers that allow the storage of active ingredients that can be released slowly for their intended purpose.

AB7 Industries -  Brands

Equi7 is a range of natural products for the equestrian market. These products range from eco friendly insect repellent collars to natural plant based grease for the care of your leather saddles. See Equi'7 products for items in stock and others available from the manufacturer.


Flexible Saddle - Finland

Flexible Saddle in Finland manufactures a range of quality flexible / treeless saddles.

The Trekker brand range includes fully adjustable models in various designs to suit most horses and riders. With adjustable pommel (Gullet), seats and underside panels one saddle can be configured to suit almost any horse for any rider. We can also supply you with replacement parts: screws, panels, seat, pommel etc, contact us for up to date prices on parts

English style saddles are also available in 3 designs. These saddles although not adjustable come in 3 flexing gullet widths to cover most horse sizes.



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