Trekker Flexible Treeless Bascule Saddle

Model: Bascule
Recommended for: General Purpose
Suitable for: Jumping and suits many disciplines
Sizes: Seat sizes 16.5 or 17.5 inch
Saddles Width: 29cm, 32cm or 34cm; 32cm will suit most horses
Options: Long or short girth straps
Accessories: N/A
Colours: Standard: Black, Brown
Non Standard: Two-tone Black/Brown
Order Lead Time: Standard build/colour: Approx 4 - 6 Weeks
Custom build/colour: 8+ weeks depending on manufacturer work load

General Comments:

The Bascule is English general purpose type which also suits jumping, fully-flexible close contact saddle that adapts perfectly to your horse.

Manufactured from premium quality German, ecologically tanned, leather with stainless steel fittings and Logo-plates.

Constructed around the Trekker Registered Leather Flex® structure it flexes in all directions and fits both straight and curved backs.

The underside has very thick, flexible panels, filled with "Memory Foam", which returns to its original shape so the panels adapt when saddling each time to the horses back accordingly. With this underside and construction, the saddle does not touch the horse's spine and keeps the whither free from any pressure.

The Bascule has a close contact seat, which gives the rider enough space for free movements over the jump and in the course.

The pressure distribution/girthing runs inside over the Leather Flex® tree and because of that it will distribute the riding weight optimally.

Maintenance/Care: Use a good quality leather conditioner to keep the leather in top condition.



All colours, sizes, options and accessories are subject to availability. The combination requested may not always be available in stock but will be ordered on request. Please contact EquiPet + to confirm availability. 

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