Trekker Flexible Treeless Pro Arte Saddle


Model: Pro Arte
Recommended for:  Trekking, Endurance
Suitable for: General Riding
Not Suitable for: Jumping, Dressage competition
Size: One size fits most horses
Adjustable Seat 16 - 18 inches
Adjustable Pommel
Adjustable Underside Velcro; 42.5cm or 45.5 cm
Colours: Standard: Black, Brown
Non Standard: Two tone Black/Brown
Options: Suede Seat
Leather Seat (Standard)
Larger leg blocks
Accessories: Safety Stirrups
Sheep Skin Seat Saver
Order Lead Time: Standard build/colour: Approx 4 - 6 Weeks
  Custom build/colour: 8+ weeks depending on manufacturer work load
General Comments:

An elegant and luxurious saddle the Trekker Pro Arte is an adaptable flexible saddle developed in co-operation with veterinary surgeons and, physiotherapists. The saddle is very similar in design to the Pro Endurance Classic., but the Pro Arte has a narrower feel in the seat, shorter flaps and softer smaller leg blocks than the Pro Endurance Classic. 

Configuring the pommel, seat and underside panels to suit the horse and rider, the saddle then flexes under the weight of the rider to follow the contours of the horses back. Shock absorption and weight distribution is excellent.                                 

Adjusting the saddle is easy. The pommel widens and narrows by turning the adjustment bar in the middle of the pommel. The seat adjusts by peeling the Velcro seat cushion top off and loosening the screws under the flap in the middle of the underside of the saddle then sliding the seat to the desired position. Tighten the screws and replace the seat cushion. The underside panels attach with heavy duty Velcro and can be positioned for optimal fit on the horses back.

Safe and handy for young horses as the saddle can be reconfigured as the horse grows, no need to purchase a new saddle. The pommel and the cantle provide a secure seat.



All colours, sizes, options and accessories are subject to availability. The combination requested may not always be available in stock but will be ordered on request. Please contact EquiPet + to confirm availability.

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