AB7 Industries (formerly SETRIC), was formed in 1972 in France.

AB7 Industries is strategically oriented towards Research and Development, the engine and the key competitive advantage of the company.

The R&D group is a multidisciplinary team with chemists, biologists, pharmacists, veterinarians, polymer engineers and entomologists.

This core team integrates with young high level scientists in training at AB7 Industries to apply the knowledge learned in engineering schools or research university laboratories in partnership with AB7 Industries.  

AB7 Industries is a pioneer in collaboration between fundamental research and industrial research. Over the years, AB7 Industries has strengthened close links with world class research laboratories resulting in many successful industrial projects.

AB7 Industries has received numerous distinctions for innovation.

The leading development theme is around the technology of "active polymers", which are natural based or synthetic based plastic material containing an active ingredient that can be constantly released over a period of time varying from hours to several months depending on the formulation and depending on the applications.

Applications are wide and diverse including pharmaceutical products, veterinarian medicine, cosmetics and well being products and pest control. 

AB7 Industries is running research programmes for its own development but also for independent industrial laboratories under research contracts.

AB7 Industries have been working for several years on sustainable environmentally friendly projects using vegetal based ingredients to produce, for instance, green polymers and green insecticides.

In its veterinarian, cosmetic and household areas, AB7 Industries aims to develop environment friendly innovations, offering ecological solutions to a more and more environment involved consumer:

  • Biodegradable polymers,
  • Bio-sourced and natural origin polymers,
  • Natural origin actives,
  • ECOLABEL certified household product line,
  • Biological household product,
  • Member of NEOPROTEC consortium for the development of sustainable, environment friendly solution for antifungal fight in viticulture. 

A production site built and run in accordance with the last environment French Natural guidelines and regularly audited by independent certified environment control laboratories.

The main lines of AB7 Industries research is dependent upon detecting the needs of the market. A close partnership with public laboratories allows AB7 Industries to enjoy and use the progress done by basic and applied research. 

AB7 Industries owns its own industrial equipment located in Deyme, France.

The manufacturing area is spreading over an enclosed surface of 9 000 m2 or 90 000 sqft, regrouping 3 major independent production facilities:

  • Veterinarian laboratory
  • Cosmetic laboratory
  • Household product manufacturing facility

The industrial equipment portfolio was designed for a maximum of flexibility. It includes equipment for large scale manufacturing to satisfy the largest customers but also smaller scale equipment allowing us to be flexible for shorter manufacturing runs.

The industrial equipment would not mean much without AB7 Industries staff. The industrial team includes cross trained, competent and motivated professionals.

The equipment is followed through a sophisticated computer system for the planning and the monitoring of manufacturing operations.

All the production is operated under standard quality assurance systems and the veterinarian manufacturing laboratory operated under GMP (Good manufacturing Practices) certification. AB7 Industries is often audited by its key customers or by independent auditing companies.

Finally, AB7 Industries stresses the importance of environment care and has more and more products, some of them Eco-labelled, as well as strategic development programs directed towards green formulations. This policy is in harmony with the great surroundings of AB7 Industries, along the Canal du Midi, a classified site in the UNESCO World Heritage list

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