Flexible Saddle is a Finnish based company that make a range of flexible or treeless saddles under the Trekker brand.

These saddles are manufactured in European saddlerys under the rigorous environmental and labour laws of the European Union. The saddles are manufactured from quantity German and Italian leather resulting in quality saddles. 

The range of saddles includes flexible English type saddles for GP, Jumping and dressage and a range of designs that are fully adjustable for width, seat size and panel length to suit most horse types and shapes, as well as the rider and riding activity. A model for younger, smaller riders is also available that is fully adjustable

Design and Manufacture:

Flexible saddles® have been made by German manufacturers since the beginning of the 21st century. The saddles are manufactured under European labour laws, no child labour, and under regulations for the protection of the environment. The saddles are manufactured mainly by hand; energy consumption and the amount of waste are minimal. New designs are tested by professional riders and every finished saddle is inspected by two master saddlers. Quality is durable and therefore ecological.

The saddles are constructed around the Flexible Saddle registered Leather Flex® structure which is made of leather and synthetic materials and reinforced with metal. The rider’s weight is distributed efficiently with excellent shock absorption.

Fit and Function:

Flexible saddles are soft and firm to sit in. The saddles are easy to fit with some models having adjustable pommels (gullet), adjustable seats and adjustable underside panels that enables the saddles to be uniquely configured for the horse and rider, even when either changes shape. The saddle will therefore fit different horse shapes and adapt when the horse rounds its back during riding meaning the movement for the horse will be less pressured and restrictive.

When the horse holds its head up the back is more curved:

When the horse holds its head down the back is more flat:


Care and Use:

The saddles are easy to keep clean. Because of carefully planned details, dirt won't pack into the leather which saves the leather from wearing out. There are no visible stitches at spots that are under pressure, to save the stitches from wearing out. Cared for constantly these saddles will stay in great condition and functional for a very long time.

Repairing and Replacing:

Parts can be replaced, so in many cases saddles can be easily repaired when damaged.

The quality of the saddles and the fact that they fit different types of horses means they will retain their value and use. By choosing a Trekker Flexible Saddle you will support a brighter ecological future.

The unique concept, model and structure of Trekker Flexible saddles have been registered and covered by patent authorities worldwide.

Flexible Saddle also provides a range of accessories from sheep skin seat savers to safety stirrups. 

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