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We are Leggwork Consulting Ltd trading as EquiPet+

We started our business initially to import and sell the Trekker brand of Flexible Treeless saddles in early 2012. In June 2012 we purchased the interests of a small business importing eco friendlier insect repellent products for horse's from AB7 Industries in France. We have now expanded to include Waitaki Waters Holiday Park and Barefoot Hoof trimming.




We are based  at Waitaki Waters Holiday Park just north of Oamaru, and  supply the Trekker Flexible saddles and Equi7 natural insect repellent collars for your horses; in addition we can offer accommodation for horses travelling to and from home to shows, or for a horse holiday at Waitaki Waters Holiday Park; for bookings and inquiries see: www.campingoamaru.co.nz. You are welcome to come here to trial our saddles, have your horses feet trimmed, use our arena, have a guided trail ride and/ or stay overnight. 

We welcome Chris Rogers as our barefoot hoof trimmer from November 2019

Best regards and happy horses from EquiPet+ Smile

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