For Distributors

If you are interested in stocking the products we import please email EquiPet +


If you would like to stock some of our range email EquiPet + what models you'd like and we'll order them in from Finland. Pricing will be negotiated based on quantities ordered.

The use of our trial saddles (subject to availability) can also be arranged for your customers prior to confirming purchases.

AB7 Industries produce the Equi7 Insect repellent collar for hroses, they do make other products however we don't currently stock them , however if any of their products nterest you please let us know  email EquiPet +  Refer to  AB7 Industries website for information about these. 

SVS Veterinary Supplies distribute the Equi'7 insect repellent collars for horses. If you're a Vet business supplied by SVS please contact them for this product.

FARMLANDS now stock the Equi 7 repellent collars for horses :-) or contact Fortis Veterinary Supplies


New distributors welcome

Wholesale pricing is based on quantities of each product per order received.

Download an EquiPet + distributor application form, print it out, fill it in and return it to us via email if you can scan or post to us.

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