Insect Deterrent Device

Insect Deterrent Device
The Equi'7 Insect Deterrent Device has been formulated from a blend of several essential oils and terpenic alcohol extracted from plants to create an effective repellent for most fling insects seen around horses. Use in covered and enclosed areas where horses spend time; stables, floats, box stall and barns.

The Insect Deterrent Device diffuses the active ingredients over time for a period of 4 to 6 weeks depending on the climatic conditions.

The Insect Deterrent Device comes in a standard 2 pack and can be hung in desired areas: barn, stables, float or box stall. The device can also be attached to a harness.

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These devices can also be used in the home. Hang them in the bedroom above the bed for night time deterrent of mosquitoes.  Usually we have mosquitoes buzzing around all night in the summer and have to plaster insect repellent all over or have some sort of mozzy zapper going, without 100% success. This summer we’ve hung 2 of these devices up in the room and even with the light on and a window open only 2 mozzies have ventured in, but not stayed, no more slapping the ear in the middle of the night.

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