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Our product range includes Trekker flexible treeless saddles and a range of eco friendlier insect repellent products for horses, dogs and cats. Grooming products for dogs and cats are also included with some special scented deodorant collars and collar disks for dogs.


Trekker Flexible / Treeless Saddles

Trekker flexible treeless saddles. A range of saddles to suit most horse and riders.

English style flexible Dressage, GP and Jumping Saddles.

Models with adjustable Seat, Pommel (Gullet) and underside panels in designs to suit most tastes.

Trekker Saddles Accessories 

Range of accessories including: 

Suede Seats

Saddles Blankets (Coming)

Safety Stirrups

Panels and leg blocks

Equi'7 Equestrian care products

Equi'7 products range from insect, tick, external parasite repellents to hoof and leather care products.

Pilou Products for your Dog

No longer stocked         


Pilou Products for your Cat

No longer stocked                                                                                                               


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